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The earth is red, dangerous, burned by the sun. The blue, our favourite playground, is infinite, a tad temperamental. The yellow, warm underneath our feet and generous above our heads. As for the lush vegetation, it abounds everywhere with its subtle nuances of green. The palette revives our memories, joyfully colours our ennui. We let it mock caution, uniformity, pageantry, the virtual world and everything else. It takes us back to a time of plenitude, connected to what’s essential. To those moments of sweet madness, out of space and time. To our other life, when we felt invincible, light and free. A sudden urge to experiment. An inexorable need to touch, trust our instincts and give free rein to “imperfection”. And above all, regain our stolen energy. To create something positive today, and act now for a better tomorrow. More than ever before, everything now has consequences. Our actions are irrefutable Boomerangs.

OLOW™ presents "BOOMERANG"
Collection Spring/Summer 2020

Film directed by Christophe LUEZ
Video : Jonathan Buso
Photo : Anaelle Le Roy
Music : Mohan
Models : Clélia / Kobe

Produced by Mathieu Sorosina & Valentin Porcher.