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UKNW SOUNDS // Ah! Kosmos (Interview)

Music without boundaries. Passion beyond furthest lands. And that’s better like this. Among Anatolian ground, Başak Günak alias AH! KOSMOS present a beautifully electro ambiant that experimented a notion of nowhere, extatic cosmos which could emerges the most unspoken feelings. Modest but generous, this stunning floating music rise in lunar shackles to let acted faith, perhaps until a trance. Happy encounter!

To start, talk me about you, of your course before Ah! Kosmos

I have already been engaged in music for many years. I had performed in many different bands as bass player. After I finished my BA, I started doing MA degree on Sound Design & Engineering. During this process I have had a chance to deal with electronic possibilities for sound as well as analog ones. I started to focus more on improvisation and composition. After I started to make music on computer alone, it turn into another experience which is more powerful and introverted. Then, my on-going researches on sound and composition encouraged me to decide performing solo under name “Ah! Kosmos”.

Why this name Ah! Kosmos?

It represents me the connectedness of everything. “Ah!” is a cosmic word in Turkish which could embrace different emotions like regret, anger, passion, disappointment, longing or enjoyment. What is interesting is that its meaning changes depending on how you express and vocalize the word, in other words, it is up to listener/audience.

After the listening of your EP ‘Flesh’, I really feel a fusional relationship, almost love, between you and electro music. This genre has always been a part of you, of your desires?

First of all, the way you describe what your feeling has deeply influenced me, thank you very much for this generous sharing.

In music, the most important thing for me is to realize myself, myself is of course an aura composed of my feelings, senses, images and imagines. I do not prefer to stabilize my language of expression with any genre. I do not prefer to approach music with categories or genres even if it is useful for communication discuss. I have tried to create depending on my needs and sense, I could merge with any channel. I am so open to transform and be transformed at the same time.

Obviously, the ‘Flesh’ titles are placed in the ambient electro, where the experiment and opera stands out in a delicious torment… Anyway! Where this inspiration does comes? What are your influences?

I could explain about this album that it is the recreation of my autobiographical memory in the ‘now’. Also, it is the merging of these autobiographical stuff with my artistic presence which I could work on for two years.

As I tried to explain, I am creating depending on my needs and sense. I realized that I needed an extreme pitched sound. Instead of a synth, I prefer an extreme pitched woman voice in the composition in order make the piece closer to my perception and sense.

How do you undertake the work of composition? There is a clearly mechanism well defined or that spontaneously emerges, more ‘in the moment’?

I improvise to create internal and bring out my state of mind. But sometimes there is a point where I feel confused. In these parts I try to use different approaches to handle it. For instance, I felt that I have a tendency to use lots of sounds, therefore I start by subtracting elements to let the piece breath.

Being very sensitive to independent labels, several things interest me. For example, how do undertake you the communication? Isn’t it difficult to get a place in this large musical community, crushed by big industries and huge marketing operations?

I think that this is an essential question for an emerging artist. Hopefully they are lots of places that support and encourage the emerging artists. However, it is obvious that you become visible or not depending on to whom you get into relation from the market rather than what you create. This is one of my biggest problems, management. As an artist, it becomes difficult and uncomfortable to deal with financial and logistic conditions. I guess I could say that I have not solved this problem yet.

For the future, a LP release is planned or possible? Other projects?

Doing performances and working on my next LP, hopefully I plan to finish it this autumn. Apart from that, I’m trying to realize my audio/visual exhibition. These two things have a bond in a way and they keep me lusty.

Currently, what are the albums and artists that you listen?

Recently I’m checking dement3d records. They are doing good stuff.

Finally, a question about our work. How do you qualify clothing collection Olow? Three words that define.

They are really nice looking stuff, comfortable and certainly has a character.


Thanks to Başak for its commitment.

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Interview by © Julien Catala

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