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ITW – The Édition du Paon, made in France stationary…

«Les Éditions du Paon» is a new studio which edits made in France stationary. With their experience in typographic printing and graphic design, Elsa and Pascal wanted to combine these know-how to give the notebooks of Éditions du Paon a resolutely modern and contemporary tone. Their world is tinted by pastel colours and gold leaf is rocked by the mechanic sound of the mythical Heidelberg presses…


You both studied art; how did you come to be craftsmen?

Yes, we both studied graphic design and fine art and have always been curious about and drawn to artisanal techniques. So it’s out of curiosity that we bought our very first printing press. We quickly became fascinated by letterpress printing. One discovery led to the next and our collection rapidly grew as we bought new printing presses and we naturally created our workshop.


When did you meet and when did you decide to collaborate?

We were already working together as graphic designers before creating our workshop, then our stationary brand… It all happened very naturally, it was obvious really! We are quite complimentary and both easily found our own place and preferences in the workshop.


What made you want to set up shop in the middle of the Nantes countryside?

We needed space to house Yolande and Ernest, our peacock couple, and especially to store our printing presses!

It’s this project that made us want to leave the city behind for a new life in the country.


Your work features lots of animals, plants, it’s always very organic; where do you find your inspiration?

I think it all has to do with our previous answer, us settling down in the country!

You became craftsmen, your technique is very much linked to the machines you use. What other techniques do you like or would like to use in order to create notebooks and postcards?

This technique is perfect for our cards and notebooks. Despite their old age, our presses are very complete and allow us to create beautiful intaglio printing, gilding or even cutting. But there are many techniques that we dream of using! For example ceramics, wood work or even textiles… We are very much drawn to trades and techniques that allow us to combine crafts and design.


Did you need training to use these fabulous machines?

None! We taught ourselves. They’re impressive, noble iron ladies, but they were delivered with an instructions leaflet!


 What is the recipe to create a perfect print?

A bit of technique, lots of patience, a hint of perfectionism and always ever-growing experience!

I use notebooks on a daily basis, I collect them and each one has a particular usage; organisation, lists of ideas or random ideas and doodles. How do you use yours?

Oh my! Now that we have our own stationary brand we each have dozens that we lose all over the workshop and our home. We use them for anything and everything; make lists, jot ideas down, imagine new collections, sketch, create, to not forget, do and redo our schedule… and to answer your questions!


What can we wish you for the future?

To always work with passion… and a bright future for the Editions du Paon!


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More information on the Éditions du Paon on their website and their Instagram.

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