Artist Series : Marynn

“Testosterone is a testosterone killer”… They’re not completely wrong. Anyway, it’s pleasant to have some sweetness among our bullies world. For this collection we decided to collaborate with Marynn, (almost) the coolest girl ever from L.A. *, to get a breath of fresh air.

Her illustrations are like a magic mirror supposed to make reality, people and situations cooler, careless and poetic. Whatever, we met at a small café terrace roof during a sunny afternoon.


Hello Marynn, you look terrific and your suntan is perfect! Where have you been on holiday?

I was in Biarittz to blow some cash in the casino behind my Mercedes wheel.


Anyway, it’s very nice of you to be so quick about this chatting session. So, let’s not depart from the rules and start from the beginning… Can you tell us shortly who you are?

I’m the incarnation of a watermelon featuring Delarue


As you can easily guess, we’re gonna talk about your illustrations. They are so crazily realistic, what is your work method?

It always begins from an obsession, a musical or sentimental one (need tissues…)

I’m that kind of girl who listens to the same song over and over as I draw (I have no television).

I generally find the message first and then compose according to it.

There’s often a second meaning to my illustrations, my close people generally know what it is about.


If you had to describe your world in three words, what would they be?

Frivolous, cynical, thoughtful


What attracts you to the realism?

I love to recognize myself into the drawing.


What are your spheres of influence?

There’s nothing in particular. I have a nice library of my favorite illustrators’ books… I’m truly in love with Sir Edward John Poynter’s style painters.

I gobble up tones of pictures on the net; my macbook suffers the consequences of my actions.


I’ve noticed that your characters sometimes wear crowns, can you tell us why?

Obsession N°1:  Maurice Sendak & Jan Michel Basquiat ; they’re like gods to me.


Tell me a bit about the comic strip you’ve drawn for WAD magazine

One of the craziest things I’ve ever done, because:

1-      It was the first time I got published in a magazine

2-      I’ve never looked that much like a hermit – dead body – ashtray before. (My best friend had to bring me pizza to have me fed. (I had only one week to create it))Hamdi Ala


As concerns our collaboration on the FW12 collection, you’ve made three very successful illustrations. Was it your first collaboration with a clothing brand?

Nope: I’ve already worked with the boys from PLAYART; you were the second brand who called on my madness.


If we have had the time machine, where and how would you imagine yourself in 10 years?

Let’s not talk about it. It freaks me out!


All right then Marynn, thank you for answering to my few questions… A last one to end up with, what’s next on your schedule?

A plate of pasta.


*Loire Atlantique

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