To design a collection is to let your mind wander, find inspiration, enrich itself from its surroundings. It’s also the occasion to hit the road, to exchange and create atmospheres forever faithful to who we are.

It’s on this basis that OLOW has developed, since 2006, every single one of its seasons. Created with only 4,000 euros in our pockets, the clothing brand born in Montreuil (Seine Saint Denis, France) goes beyond fashion, generating an authentic experience, a way of life, a scent of freedom and poetry. It’s our way of building and influencing tomorrow.

To offer quality products with an ethical side to them has always been at the heart of our project. That is why our entire production is located in Portugal, a few miles from Braga, in family-run factories. We simply like to imagine the products we would want to wear. So we mainly chose natural products, take a fair amount of time thinking about the finishing touches, and make sure that our clothes always remain affordable to everyone.

Creativity is also an integral part of the project, ceaselessly animated by new encounters. In the space of 10 years, we are happy and proud of our hundreds of artistic collaborations, whether they beon textile, exhibitions and films we created, as well as, more recently, our printed magazine and our living room concerts.