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Burgundy Xav Cap Burgundy Xav Cap Burgundy Xav Cap

Burgundy Xav Cap

33,33 €

Description :


“It's really not just a sun story, I guarantee you !”

- Color : Burgundy

- Composition : 100% cotton

- Model : 6 panels

- Cotton tightening strap

- Olow logo embroidered

* Made with love in Portugal *

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"Self-portrait" Collection

Our “Self-portrait” logo is the result of a desire and an observation.

How could we proudly showcase our love for this great, big family OLOW has become? Whether it be for us, or for our teams that had been requesting it for a while, or even our clients...

We could never plaster huge logos or the name of the brand on our clothes. We don’t want to become walking billboards.

We needed something more artistic, more visual, more human, in the image of what we have created.

So we delved into our memories, remembered the first scribbles of our brand name on a piece of paper, those four letters staring at us since the very beginning.

And a funny little illustrated character came out of it all. That face, that is what our brand’s “autoportrait” will be!

We proudly showcase it in our new collection, which is simple enough to be worn every day, and made of eco-friendly materials.

This illustrated face was created by our lifelong friend, Christophe Luez. We couldn’t have asked anyone else to design this timeless piece, which brings our whole family together.


We are very proud of our artist collaborations for this brand new collection.

/La Citation


As its name suggests, the 6-panel cap is made up of six slightly supple panels and a visor, endowing it with a retro feel. It is loved the world over for its sobriety and vintage, unisex look.