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Navy Wander jacket

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Description :


- Woolen aviator jacket

- Color : Navy

- Button stab with snap festned collar

- Warm cotton flannel lining

- Coat rack hook

- Off-white sherpa collar

- Two side snap festened pipped pockets

- One inside pocket with a message label

- YKK zipper

* Made with love in Portugal *

Olzha is 1m88 tall, weights 70 kg and wears a size medium.

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The Aviator

Originally, the aviator jacket was a piece of military uniform associated with the pilots of the Second World War, first made of leather, then cotton, and then nylon. The main referenced models of aviator jackets were notably worn by American bombardier pilots. Different types of jackets subsequently appeared, the A2 model being the most famous, created in 1931 for members of the United States Army Air Corps, and made popular after the war by Hollywood actors and pin-ups.

Wool cloth

Eight major steps are required to turn wool flock into wool cloth. After the traditional washing of the wool in order to maintain the natural resistance of the fibre, it is put outside to dry, combed, carded and then weaved. Solid, resistant, silky and insulating, wool cloth is a winter essential. 

Cotton flannel

The word “flannel” is said to stem from the Welsh term for “wool”. Although flannel was originally entirely made of wool, it is now made up of cotton. Soft to the touch, the fibres are napped, scratched, and then raised to give the fabric that soft feel. Often used for winter coats, shirts and hats, flannel renders garments more waterproof. 

/La Citation

"A timeless jacket to get to cloud !"

Calligraphy on fabric

Each coat features a large piece of rectangular fabric with a calligraphy design on it, a fully-fledged work of art that can be taken out and why not hung up on a wall!

It means Paris 13 in Chinese, and was created by artist Zhihong Wang (also called Martial Wang). A resident of the 13th arrondissement, on the dalle des Olympiades, the calligrapher and martial arts master is especially known for his traditional Chinese wrestling exploits.

Zip fastener

YKK, an abbreviation of Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha, is a Japanese company founded by Tadao Yoshida in Nihonbashi, on 1st January 1934. Their eponymous zips are considered the best in the world.