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Navy Lino Shirt


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Description :


- Color: Checked blue

- Composition: 60% cotton, 37% linen, 3% polyamid

- Slightly fitted cut

- Closing: Natural buttons in corozo (palm kernel)

* Made with love in Portugal *

Arnaud is 1m84 tall, weights 73kg and wears size M.

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The corozo 

Spanish term for vegetable ivory, corozo or tagua is the inner pulpit of the ivory palm fruit - called albumen - native to the Amazon rainforest. It can be carved, turned and polished as easily as ivory.

The discovery of the corozo dates back to 1798 when Spanish explorers Hipólito Ruiz López and José Antonio Pavón set out to explore the Peruvian jungle in the upper Amazon. They discovered that the first to use the palm tree to make jewellery and objects were the Quechuas Indians.

The sailors also worked the corozo and made small boxes and snuffboxes out of it. In 1865, a steamboat left Esmeraldas in Ecuador for Hamburg and took on board a cargo of tagua. The Germans then discovered vegetable ivory and began to make buttons and small ornamental objects such as thimbles and jewellery.

/La Citation


Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant which, historically, is one of the first cultivated species. The oldest fibre in the world, which dates back 36,000 years, is made of linen and was found in the Dzudzuana cave in Georgia.

Flax only grows on a coastal strip between Calvados and Amsterdam, passing through Normandy and Flanders. These 90,000 hectares with their special climate produce 110,000 tonnes of fibre, of which about 80% goes to China for spinning before returning to Europe.

It requires very little fertiliser, uses the soil’s natural ressources and, like the finest wines, does not require irrigation. During the various transformation stages, from plant to fabric, linen respects the environment and doesn’t produce waste since the whole plant is used.