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What's Next?
It all starts with Black Friday, that stupid meeting of generalized overconsumption.

And if we took advantage of this day to launch a positive operation that we would call "What's next? ».

A recycling program for your old clothes that allows you to get 10% off on our new collection.
How to participate?
Take a video of yourself putting your old clothes (all brands combined) in a clothing recycling container;

Upload the video to your Instagram account in "Story" by identifying @we_are_olow

- Take advantage of your 10% off coupon code on our new collection;
An alarming observation...
The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world;

It alone emits more greenhouse gases than all the world's flights and maritime traffic combined;

We consume twice as much textile as we did 15 years ago;

80% of textiles are discarded or incinerated;

Only 10% of the clothes produced are sold in second hand;

60% of the clothes purchased are never worn;