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Miguel and Marco
The factory that makes OLOW’s t-shirts and sweatshirts was created in 1987 in the Braga region of Portugal. Taken over by the family’s two eldest brothers in 2009, the then-withering company now hires 35 employees and has one ambition only: to spread the family know-how acquired through the relentless passing-down of its knowledge of textiles. Born in Quimper, and having lived most of their lives in France, Miguel and Marco embody that proximity with France and that sincere friendship with our adopted land. Both now in their forties, the two brothers, fans of surfing and motorcycles, have become our precious advisers and our most faithful friends with whom we have shared quite a few barbecues and aperitifs. And all in French!

“The 2019-2020 season will take place under the sign of technological development for the company,” states Marco. “This development will consist of important environmental measures such as the installation of solar panels on the factory’s roof in order to produce the energy needed for our daily consumption.”
Manufacturing coats is a delicate mission. For each collection, OLOW explores the various ways in which it can offer its customers high-quality coats at affordable prices. After an in-depth conversation with Eugenia, a true visionary in charge of coat crafting, we set up a detailed product sheet to insure the correct monitoring of the products. The trust we have instilled in Eugenia and her teams can only be equalled by our rapport and authentic friendship. The expertise and efficiency of the teams on site for the past 30 years thus enable OLOW to create high-quality garments at affordable prices with confidence.

“Since the creation of the company, taken over by three children in the last few years, our watchword has been production quality since we are aware that each piece is unique,” explains Eugenia. “We work in a family setting guided by great knowledge of the materials used, an accuracy and efficiency recognised all across Europe.”
Vitor, manager of the factory in charge of manufacturing the jackets, trousers and shorts, has a garden which resembles a field of colourful fruit trees, both inspiring and delicious. In this corner of Portugal, everyone seems to know each other. Every restaurant outing is the perfect occasion to meet up and talk about the good weather, holidays and life. Reflected by his company’s name, this factory is a real love story, a family business handed down four years ago by Adélio to his two sons, Vitor and his brother, who have both over time become good friends of ours. Nowadays, the family-run business favours environmental measures with the installation of solar panels and pays close attention to the working conditions of its employees.
At the helm of a 27-worker-strong family-run factory, dedicated to the manufacturing of OLOW’s knitwear, Pedro, who works with his wife in the workshops, is also a friend of Miguel and Marco’s. In these small Portuguese villages, friendships last a lifetime and histories are shared. Located near a forest of eucalyptus trees, Pedro’s factory borders a river on which he regularly paddle boards with Miguel and Marco. As pure as the wool used in the crafting of the knitwear, the river’s water is also used for drinking water by part of the population.
Located 30 km from Porto, the family business in charge of crafting OLOW’s shirts is the biggest factory with which we collaborate. With more than 100 employees, it is well-known for its professionalism with regards to the manufactured products. Divided into four departments, the factory features a space dedicated to the cutting of materials, a space for preparation (collars, cuffs, pockets…), somewhere for the closing of the products as well as a final section for the sewing of buttons, the control of specific measures, ironing and packaging.

“We have been going for the past 27 years,” Eva shares. “There was just a handful of us when it began, there are now about a hundred of us.”