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The Artistic Collaborators
Since the very beginning of OLOW, artistic collaborations are the heart and soul of the community gathered around the brand. Like a pretext for collaborations, to firmly fix a human dimension at the core of the project is part of a common initial desire.
"Our encounter with Jean Jullien in 2013 marked a turning point for the brand. It also pushed our creative process further."
In 2013, like fallen from a holy apple tree, we offer up an unexpected artistic collaboration with French artist Jean Jullien, met a few years prior during one of his exhibitions in Paris. The connection is instantaneous, success more than ever forthcoming. Happy accidents make the most beautiful fates; since that day, each collection is the fruit of a profound exchange between the brand and artists like Koralie, Supakitch, Steven Harrington, Lucas Beaufort, or even Quentin Monge.
From famous designers to art students, OLOW mixes genres and notorieties, all the while celebrating the uniqueness and veracity of the artistic process.

Our capsule collections tend to celebrate the work of an artist who particularly fascinates us, through their work as well as through their audacity and sensitivity. While imposing as few constraints as possible, the capsule collection is the result of vast creative freedom. Through eccentric and colourful styles, rigorous multicoloured and pop-tinged architectural creations, by following the stroke of a timid and clean black line, we respect the work of the artists we collaborate with.