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Textile Expertise
All the partner factories with which OLOW works are located in the Braga region of Portugal, known as the cradle of textile manufacturing in Europe.

Since 2009, we regularly make the trip down to Porto from Paris. A 2-hour flight later and there we are, driving through the awesome eucalyptus forests and vines as far as the eye can see, heading North for over 50 km. Blocked behind tractors or shoulder to shoulder with a cart on a paved road, the change of scenery is complete. The coloured earthenware of the houses, the typical architecture and the genuine, warm and friendly welcome of the locals make us feel at home. We venture into unknown territory, as familiar and comforting as a francesinha, a typical dish from the Porto region.
"All our suppliers accompany us in the manufacturing. They are precious advisors, technically, logistically, and strategically."
Mandatory stop at the bakers, the one behind the stadium, near the factory owned by Miguel and Marco, two Portuguese brothers who, born in Quimper, spent most of their lives in France. Once back in Portugal, they decided to take over their parents’ factory, a family business. Today, they are both in their forties and parents themselves. While travelling across Portugal, Miguel and Marco are our guides and our most faithful friends. Throughout the years, we have witnessed their children growing up, eaten our fair share of fish together, tasted Portuguese wines, and spent quite a few evenings lulled by the sound of Miguel and his father’s accordion.
Guarantors of traditional and historical know-how, Miguel and Marco (t-shirts and sweatshirts), Pedro (knitwear), Eugenia (coats), Vitor (shorts, trousers, jackets) and all the manufacturers with which we are lucky to work have not only become our friends, but are also first and foremost highly qualified professionals. Whatever their field of expertise, each and every one of them is animated by common expectations, expertise, and professionalism.

As specialists, they are in charge of the technical aspects linked to the creation process. From knitting to weaving, from printing to various dye techniques, from washing facilities to the conformity of our collections, the know-how of our onsite teams is unequalled.
"The atmosphere is relaxed, the surroundings are homely."