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Serena Lutton is a trained graphic designer, however she also dabbles in photography. Originally from the Basque coast this “Californian French girl” has a strongly influenced world. At 15 and already contaminated by the BMX and skate lifestyle (although not to the level of her brother) ,photography became her alibi. After studying visual communication which made her progress in the graphic arts, Serena approached a skiing magazine hoping to find a career. Since then Serena Lutton has not put her camera down and favours a back to the roots, nostalgic style with few colours and a lot of sense. In her work she tries to escape the trend and to photography what she likes. Today Serena works mainly for the magazine called Desillusion. She also works for other independent magazines or institutions for example IRO, Crumb Magazine, Olow, Insight, Obey, Crime LR, Converse Lamono, Desperados, LET’S MOTIV …)