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Sébastien takes us in his dressing room…

Down the narrow streets of Pézenas, in the South of France, nestled on the ground floor of a town house hides a beautiful boutique held by Sébastien. A true oasis of novelties, Dans Mon Dressing offers a sharp selection of French-made or Faire Trade clothes, in a meticulous setting that changes according to the owner’s desires.




Hi Sébastien! How long has Dans Mon Dressing been going for?

Dans Mon dressing… will celebrate its 5th anniversary next summer.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Were you already working in fashion when you started Dans Mon Dressing?

After ten years spent working in women’s luxury wear, I stayed for a short while at the High Denim Store. I then wanted to try my hand at creating my own world, with a selection that resembles who I am.





How do you pick the products you want to sell? Do you have a mixed selection?

When I started this adventure, I wanted to make it a priority to sell French brands, made in France, or Europe or Fair Trade. I’m also sensitive to the pure Scandinavian collections. Each brand on offer seduced me in some way, I fell in love with their identities, their stories, their concepts. I trust my emotions. I do offer a mixed selection, I try to keep a coherent atmosphere in this double wardrobe.


Your shop is very cosy, where did you find the inspiration for its decoration?

When I visited the place, an old printing workshop and bookshop located on the ground floor of a listed town house, there was still a lot of work to be done. But I immediately had a vision, and it was impossible for me to picture another place! I like eclecticism, and the shop is a reflection of that. I like industrial design, vintage pieces or Scandinavian lines. All this mixes well together and brings to life this classic building. The décor and layout of it are constantly changing according to my desires. The clients feel at home here, welcomed as if by friends, and that for me is the best reward.




What do your clients come to look for here?

My clients like the history behind each brand. But above all they come looking for new things, brands that aren’t too well known and showcase real quality. They enjoy the discoveries, and like being surprised. A lot are also looking for advice. The atmosphere of the place has a lot to do with that, I think, and the clients are very aware of it. They play a big part in this project, their loyalty, without which this adventure would not exist.


Pézenas, a small picturesque town in the South of France – what made you want to set up shop there?

Pézenas is a small town of less then 10,000 residents, but it’s oh so interesting. Molière played, and left his footprints, there. Its centre has been well preserved, it’s full of architectural treasures and is very culturally active. The region also has an incredible wine-growing heritage. Pézenas is a big tourist attraction, one of the most visited towns in the Languedoc region.






One last, more personal question: what are your latest inspirations concerning travel, music, or even art?

I recently discovered Rome, the Dolce Vita, Italian art is so rich, just like its architecture; they’re both so inspiring. And I’d love to get to know New York. I’m also passionate about design, and Prouvé, Le Corbusier or Perriand are masters that fascinate me. As for music, it’s very eclectic as well! The shop’s playlist features Juliette Armanet for her originality, I discovered her recently in concert. I love the sensuality of her unique voice. The playlist is a melting pot of old classics and current moods. I’m actually setting up a Soundcloud right now to be able to share it with my clients.



Dans mon dressing…

5, Place Ledru Rollin

34120 Pézenas

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