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It is with some pride that we announced this collaboration to our parents. They, whose heart and blood remained attached to the west, to the cold sea and the high tides. This unconditional love for the sea spray, they passed it on to us, and we are leaving this legacy to our children today. Saint James is a symbol of that love. Saint James does not represent the sea for us, but is the sea. And it is with honor that from generation to generation we bear the name of this lost city just a few steps from Mont Saint-Michel.
Associating with the Saint James brand also means respecting French know-how and history. It means making a pact for a better, more human, more authentic future.
OLOW & SAINT JAMES is the alliance of art and the sea but above all the union of two entities with similar values.

Directed by Jeanne Chauveau
Music: Vic Vycilinski
Artistic direction: Valentin Porcher & Mathieu Sorosina
Artist : Simon Landrein
Thanks also to Julie Guillem and Séverine Dietrich.