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Pedro is a super active child of creation. He is a major player on the Nantes scene and since he has been our almost next door neighbour to our new offices, it is only normal that we opened the door to him of various activities. First with the exhibition “Planchettes” where he created a work of his own image, colourful and authentic, and now today with a project in 3 parts: the creation of a wall, a t-shirt and silkscreen printing …

Here’s the interview where we met the one who makes walls of the wild happy west.


Hi Pedro, it’s been a few weeks that I’ve not seen you now, how are you?

Hi Valentin, it’s not going too badly!

It’s been quite a long time since you have worked in the arts, how did you fall into this? What is your background?

In all, my background is more or less common, I always drew as a kid, I loved comic books and painting, and then it continued in school in the margins of my workbooks, I had a few small jobs and then I did a training course in professional arts. I’ve been self-employed as a painter, graphic artist, and silkscreen printer for almost 5 years now.

You are part of the100 pression, can you tell me a little about your different activities?

This is a collective of artists based in Nantes and founded in 2003, the number of members are variable, currently there are 6 members The Blind, Kazy , Persu , Smoka , Wide & me , as well as one employee Ornella . It is a multi-card collective from graffiti to frescos, silkscreen printing , installations as well as editing. We are all independent artists and we try to vary the materials and media we use in our creations and defend a free vision with practices that do not necessarily fit into the official forms.

Your drawings are often very colorful and often within there is a dog / wolf representation … Why did you choose this animal as a signature?

It’s a bit of Indian totems. ( Hahahaha ) . It is true that the dog wolf or foxes are often represented in my work, it works in series of fish, birds … to create the small scenes in the manner of a fabulist. It is also a reason to put colour and nature in the centre of the city.



                                                                        “Planchettes – Exhibition” – P e d r o


The “Planchettes” expo started 2 months ago now, what do you like about the concept?

I found the support amusing, I enjoy painting on wood but it was also a desire once again to collaborate with friends, you and Mathieu .

I would describe our last project together as a 3D collaborative project. 3 entities (the last being the dude from Dasswassup for the photo / video aspects ) , and 3 supports ! How have you dealt with it all? Technical level, consistency etc…

It was Mathieu that put us into contact with each other , it’s a pretty on-going project. For the T- shirt, we have decided on a painting and silkscreen printing. I have often thought of it as a series, the various practices each one of them affecting one another, the practice of the silkscreen and my practice on walls or even on my work on the computer are closely linked , for example the overlay is reflected in my work no matter what the medium is. Also again the fact to collaborate with Wide to paint or make prints with The Postman Quartet, was natural , they are all friends with whom I like to and appreciate working with.

I know you’re a big music fan, what is your best sound to work to?

I listen to a little bit of everything but I admit I’ve had a weakness for jazz / groove since I was a kid, I’m listening to the”Surreal & the Sound Providers – Place to be” at the moment.

Finally, a small question…. If the tourist office read this interview and was looking for a good bar in Nantes, where would you say?

I would have to say the Barablabla, where I often go.


– Interview by Valentin Porcher –


                                           Wall created by Pedro and Wide at Nantes in partnership with Olow & Dasswassup


        Limited edition of silkscreen printing 20 ex, available on our e-shop just here


                                                        T-shirt Midnight Marauderz – Limited Edition 25 ex – buy one here  

/// Thanks to Dams Hutch for pictures and silkscreen printing ///


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