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"The guys from LBF wanted to make t-shirts, we wanted to brew our own beer, so we made a collab!"
Unconditional fans of beer since our first rock n roll festivals, we are now realizing a little dream, that of making our own recipe, and moreover, with our friends, the guys from LBF.
They have been in love with our clothes, our creative effervescence and our ethical approach for quite some time, so the collab' was a natural fit. The result is a bergamot IPA and a beautiful organic cotton t-shirt.
After all... What is an IPA ?
IPA, or Indian Pale Ale, started out as a long boat trip to supply British soldiers in India (a former British colony). The problem was that the journey was long and a way had to be found to preserve this sweet beverage. George Hodgson developed a recipe in the 18th century: a beer loaded with hops to be able to last several months and a fermentation that would give IPA its unique taste.