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OLOW Shops
Our shop rue de Montmorency was opened in September 2016 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, right in the heart of the historical Chinese quarter, a few steps from the famous rue au Maire. Located in the Haut-Marais district, a hundred or so meters from the Pompidou Centre in a street bustling with art galeries, we were immediately drawn to the space. We installed our offices and the shop on the ground floor, and built a photo studio and showroom in our lovely, stone basement.

An adjustable and lively space in the heart of Paris, our shop regularly hosts exhibitions and showcases all kinds of artists.

We wanted both of our shops to reflect the work of one particular artist. This one being our first, we asked our friend Jean Jullien to lend a hand. The walls are now home to his various characters, with whom we now lovingly share our space.

Finding the shop is easy - you’ll spot it thanks to groups of tourists, maps of Paris in hand and cameras at the ready, admiring our neighbour’s house, alchemist Nicolas Flamel. The building, deemed to be the oldest house in Paris, is filled with magic.

48 rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris

Monday to Friday : 11am to 7pm
Saturday : 12am - 7 pm
On a whim, we opened our second shop in October 2018, in a space that was once a ladies’ hairdresser in the renowned rue de Marseille.

Right on the Canal Saint Martin, surrounded by emblematic places such as the Comptoir Général, Chez Prune or the Artazar bookshop and gallery, this small, 30 square meter-shop needed its fair share of renovations, but is now incredibly charming.

For the interior decorations, we handed our paint brushes over to Quentin Monge, a talented French illustrator whose work we adore. The plants and Greek vases he painted for us rub shoulders with our cacti collection, turning our shop into a warm and welcoming cocoon.

If you come and pay us a visit, you’ll also be able to savour the delicious brioches and pastries in the neighbouring bakery “Du pain et des idées”. It’s one of Paris’ finest, so don’t hold back!

14 rue de Marseille
75010 Paris

Tuesday to Saturday : 12am to 7:30pm
Sunday : 2pm to 7pm