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ENGLISH BREAKFAST Fall – Winter 16 // Lookbook



The English breakfast is to England what lasagne are to Italy and paella is to Spain: a true institution, a ritual! Whether you’re a fan or not, each time you cross the Channel, it’s down right impossible to avoid something which is part of the scenery. An improbable mixture of textures, shapes, tastes and colours, the English breakfast is just like the country: at once shambolic and beautifully organised. Using this idea, the metaphor at the root of our Fall-Winter collection was clear to us: to play around with the contrasts that we think make up England’s magic.


So, we plonked our heavy suitcases down in Shakespeare’s land to create a collection where diversity is key: clothes at times distinguished, sometimes wacky, textiles inherited from pure British tradition juxtaposed with innovative shapes and materials, and basics adorned with carefully-chosen details. As a bonus, to help you immerse yourself a little further in our adventure, we concocted a multitude of cultural discoveries for you, which we hope will delight your ears and your travelling spirit.

So, make yourself a nice cup of tea, put on some good old Britpop, and settle down with us to enjoy this delightful hotchpotch that’ll enthuse your senses.

 Credits : Brice Portolano

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