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Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish freelance illustration duo based in Spain. Their illustration universe is full of colors, energy, humour and irony. For our FW17 collection the duo collaborated with us. We asked them some questions to get to know them better!

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You work as a duo; where and when did you meet?

We met at university in 2006, and started to work together during the final year of our Fine Arts degree.

What made you want to collaborate?

It just happened! Neither of us was looking for a partnership, but it suddenly became clear to us that we had to work together.

How do you create your illustrations? Where do you begin?

We start to think about common topics that concern us or we feel attracted to. We then start to talk about it, come up with jokes, either together or alone. And finally we brainstorm and share the images that we have on our notebook.


As a duo, do you create the same way or do you each have a specialty? 

We are two different people who have different brains, so of course we’re going to think differently. But we always head in the same direction!

For a particular design, do you both work on it at the same time? 

Well, we think about the design together but as we are Cachetejack, we like to say we both do it. No matter who comes up with the idea or whose hand creates, Cachetejack is the creator. We work as a team.


Books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawings, painting, walls; you use many different mediums, but what do you prefer to work with? 

With everything! We love to change from materials to computer, to never be stuck in the same place!

What is the common theme behind your illustrations? Where do you find your inspiration?

Everything inspires you: your mental state, your friends, the books you read, the films, music, weather… We are a part of the world, we can’t be without it.


What was your favorite project to create? And the one you wouldn’t do again, or do differently?

Any and all. We always have fun developing a project, but once it’s finished, you can think of so many different outcomes. The aim is to be active and evolve, and you need all your projects to grow!

You are based in Berlin right now; which aspects of the city make you both create better?

Right now we are based in airports: we have an exhibition in Valencia, a talk in Gijón, a workshop in Armenia, an exhibition in New York and another one in Paris, all this until December! So maybe moving and travelling will help us discover new points of view to create new projects in 2018!



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More information on Cachetejack on their website and their Instagram.

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