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February playlist

The end of year binges drift away, leaving scattered in their path memories of indigestion and mood swings. In those tender festive instants, taking time out for yourself becomes a vital necessity, brief, but vital. And once that time taken, we can’t wait to be doubled up again, clinking glasses in a whirlwind of glances. The “Happy New Years” hastily follow, with no real intention of pleasing, and the 1st February rings in the end of small talk and marks the difficult transition of the annual renewal. Hallelujah! Glory to the sands of time.

Enough self-centred bothers, time to make room for real situations, for the Academy Awards where wonders break away, for Mother Earth’s tempests, and for the fat man with rosy cheeks who signs orders he doesn’t understand. That’s a lot, indeed, but swallowing all of it down to the sound of music makes it so much sweeter.

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