OLOW Collection – Fall/Winter 2013 – Piss & Lose

M.Bondel”, the damn pooch I’d placed a bet on just won, I cash my few notes. It’s a cold day, the wind’s blowing on my face and the water is seeping in my holed shoes…I’m wandering around with my bike between the red buidings, seagulls are whining, it smells like rotten frying oil. Dirty Duff, some guy of the neighourhood is waiting for me in the pub owned by his uncle. Outside, people are fighting, some girls are sitting on the pavement wearing mini skirts, one of them holding a bottle of whisky in her hand… Inside, people are shouting and dancing and seats still smell the beer from the night before…The night’s just started, it’s five in the evening, day means nothing, I’ll probably end up like yesterday aynway…


Credit : Manu Fauque

– Thanks to Julien Hodeau-