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Capsule collection : OLOW x CABANE

After our collaboration with the artist Supakitch, we launch, at the end of the year, a new capsule collection “Made in France”: OLOW X CABANE.

Cabane, like OLOW, is a young French brand created by Alix Briffaud. Cabane, this is the quality and authenticity of the mesh “à la française”, the respect of materials and men for timeless and chic collections which invite to the sweetness life. A spirit of brand that seduced us at first glance.

For this collection capsule, we developed with Alix three vests and a knitted sweater, all made in Roanne in one of the capitals of the mesh in France.



Hi Alix ! First off, what made you want to create your own brand? Tell us a bit about your journey!

Five years ago now, I discovered a savoir-faire from Roanne (a commune in the Loire department in Central France): knitwear. At the time, I was working as an agricultural engineer in Australia and New Zealand, and had a growing interest for Merino wool, one of these countries’ flagship products. Creative and entrepreneurial, the idea to create a brand using the region’s know-how and working with quality products seemed like an ideal project to me. After a year of market research and learning about knitwear and stitching, I took the plunge.


How long has “Cabane” been going for now?

I started out four years ago, with yearly collections specialised in men and women’s knits to begin with. But for six months now I’ve decided to concentrate on menswear only but, for the past six months, I’ve decided to concentrate on menswear only, due to questions of time, creativity and the market itself.





But why chose to specialise in only creating knitwear?

The savoir-faire from Roanne really seduced me: their history, their contact with passionate manufacturers, working with a unique and exclusive product. The idea is to really be specialised in knitwear and to be renowned for it. Furthermore, knitwear is a complex process that requires a lot of time and skill, whether it be with the thread, the knitting or the making of it. Today, Cabane is concentrated on its mastery of knits; maybe it will develop more know-how in the future!


When you launch your own brand, you have to reinvent yourself every day and have boundless creativity. What is your creative process?

Today, my two main sources of inspiration are the materials and my manufacturers’ know-how. Each thread is unique thanks to its composition and spinning, and each mesh point will make the thread stand out differently. If I had the time and the means, I think I would spend all my time looking for, testing, and combining threads and points.






Why the name “Cabane”? Is there a link to the children’s wood cabin?

I wanted a short, French name that projected a natural and raw image. The idea for “Cabane” came to me when I was on plane between Vietnam and France – trips and flights are always great sources of inspiration.


What inspires you everyday?

My family and friends, people, trips, nature, materials, my manufacturers, the Internet, films, everything, really! Each day is a source of inspiration, you simply have to take the time to jot down your ideas.




Why accept to collaborate with OLOW? What made you want to associate yourself with us?

Art, Escape & Poetry: I’m with you! OLOW’s philosophy is similar to Cabane’s: ethics, European production, simplicity, natural materials, finishing, art, to be available to a wide audience, etc. The principle itself of collaborations is great, why choose to stand in the corner? If my little Cabane could become as big as its older brother OLOW, it would be an honour.


Travelling is undeniably a source of inspiration. What trip left its mark on you most?

All trips are different, and every single one of them left its mark on me. I could never stop travelling – it’s a way of wiping the slate clean, to go over things and renew your energy banks. I’m actually writing to you from Playa Hermosa in Nicaragua, underneath a banana tree roof, facing the Pacific and waiting for the waves to come to (try to) surf… it’s a hard life!





Are there any other fashionable French labels that deserve to be well-known for their engagement and values?

There are so many, and I discover new ones every day! I’d recommend to go on the website L’Exception, which regroups a nice panel of creators.


What are Cabane’s projects for the future?

100,000 projects, where should I start! I really want to develop the brand overseas, and hire people. I need to get to work! But before that, I have to go for a swim!




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