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Art and escape
Inextricably linked to who we are, creativity is at the heart of the OLOW venture. Surrounded by intensely artistic environments from an early age, we naturally came together in order to breathe life into a brand that resembles us. Born from the desire to unite the art and fashion worlds, OLOW embodies, since 2006, the authenticity of souls and the spontaneity of discourse.

Like a canvas or a blank page just waiting to be drawn on, the collections are extraordinary projects, at once aesthetic and editorial, in which we decide to take part. Behind each collection is a jaunt we wanted to share or a story we wanted to tell. Wandering as a lifestyle, poetry as escape. Through lines at once simple and refined, OLOW ceaselessly advocates for that feeling, as necessary as it is precious, of a road-trip undertaken in the middle of November.
"You don’t have to go to the other end of the world to escape. When we think about collection themes, we allow our minds to wander, and that’s a big part of the voyage."
A destination. This is often the starting point of our collections. At once inspired by the exceptional onrush of Icelandic nature for our “Baie des fumées” collection, influenced by the amazing contrasts in England for “English breakfast”, or guided by our love for Portugal throughout the “Feito Em” collection, a tribute to our manufacturer friends and that neighbouring land turned second home… escape is a steady breath borrowed to direct our artistic creation. By offering us landscapes and encounters, travel nourishes our thirst for discovery.

To be present for each photo shoot and be behind the conception of our films and documentaries is an exciting self-imposed mission. We have made the conscious choice of becoming the joyful actors of this large project, the privileged witnesses to a fantasy coming to life.
"Creating a collection is like writing a book. It’s born from nothing, you have to make everything up."