ROUES LIBRES Spring – Summer 16 // Lookbook


Yesterday at about thirty kilometers from here we faced violent storms, breathtakingly high climbs, and a surface that was more than slippery. The rain streamed down our faces. And then there was the sudden pain of « Lulu » on the knee, the agony… Our morale was beginning to decline, our forces too. Exhausted and soaked to the bone, by miracle we found a makeshift shelter on the road, and set up our camp for the night.

This morning, we are there, the wind behind us, under a beautiful blue sky, hurtling at full speed and without making a noise down an endless slope. We zigzag, smile and fill our lungs to the brim with the morning air. The landscape continues. The weather turns. The colors change. The thermometer doesn’t stop going up. It must be more than 30 degrees now. Wheat fields and rape fiels, we refresh ourselves and dance under the automatic watering system.

The light is less present. A village square, trees decorated with lights, a platform. It’s 14th July, firecrackers explode. Tonight, with a tankard in hand and dressed in clothes less dirty, we will twirl pretty girls.

 Credits : Sidi Omar Alami