A colourful world full of light-hearted characters and animals tinged with humour, Jean Jullien’s creations are recognised all around the globe. Hailing from Nantes, the illustrator trained at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London. Influenced by cartoons and comics, his illustrations often deal with contemporary social issues. He has a knack for storytelling, using his recognisable, clean and colourful style, which definitely puts smiles on people’s faces. Jean Jullien likes to use different mediums to showcase his creations, and his illustrations can nowadays be found on clothes, ceramics or even […]

September playlist

September 07, 2017

Time to start afresh. Shop windows are blossoming, people are rushing around in cities preparing for the start of a new year, trying not to bump into one another. Words begin their school year in books that try their best to find the perfect spot on display stands, and as for records, standing vertically in their racks, they’re waiting for the touch of a music lover’s hand to whisk them away against a blessed contribution. So here are September’s 11 tracks, a prelude heralding beautiful chills, more or less bushy, that allow us to elegantly […]


August 31, 2017



Laura Berger’s work is characterized by femininity and gentleness. An American of German origin, Laura began her studies in theater and scenography to arrive very naturally to the illustration. Feminist in her own way, Laura has built her universe around woman, roundness but also draws her inspiration in her travels with warm colors and the presence of vegetable attributes … Meeting a multi-faceted artist! _

August playlist

August 23, 2017

  As long as there are supremacies in white robes that sully the memory of the dead, and ram-raids that rip through the flesh of the living, we will believe that these minorities can shatter everything. The ground on which these murderers galvanize their hatred is no longer fertile, arid, soulless. Luckily for us, we still have lots of soil from which our countless dreams can grow. These ten tracks are but a mere sample of the ample dignity we have left.


In the country of beer and chocolate, Thomas created a space between a concept-store and an art gallery, a true oasis of freshness and clean lines. As its name suggests, Fresh offers a carefully selected collection of men and womenswear, jewellery and other works of art. Thomas, who started this whole project, insists on working with local businesses, producers and artists in order to foster true emulation between the various city players, offering great opportunities to the residents of Bruges. _


Not a peep. Kind of like when it snows and the sounds aren’t able to express themselves. I guess sand also has that effect. We rode along in a muffled atmosphere, with only the wind whistling along the car. We arrived in northwest China five days ago, but it feels like weeks. Time doesn’t go by the same when you’re busy exploring. _


In the heart of the small town of Meise in Belgium began a nice little tale of love and clothes. Originally from Meise, Stéphanie created Mamezelle, a womenswear shop that offers a selection of independent European brands. Meanwhile, she met Sylvain and gave him the fashion bug. Won over by everything the town had to offer, Sylvain wished to open his own shop inspired by Mamezelle, dedicated to menswear. And from that nice little encounter Messieur was born! _

Weavers from Morocco

July 13, 2017

In the middle of Ramadan, on a street of the Moukef neighbourhood in Marrakech, a craftsman waves at me. Standing at the entrance of a foundouk (a craft centre with an inner courtyard where each room is a workshop), he tells me to follow him. He must have seen my camera and thought that he could make a bit of money, that’s the game… I follow him, and we go up a flight of stairs; on the first floor, in rooms no bigger than cupboards, I see men. Some are sleeping, tired out by the […]