Located in New York, Thoka Maer illustrates and creates animated illustrations. With pencil, natural as it is or digitally colorized she has since created illustrations for print and screen. The scope of her work runs the gamut from the figurative/narrative to the abstract/surreal, though is held together by the consistent use of pencil and crayon… Hello Thoka! Is Thoka Maer your real name or your illustrator pseudonym? Thoka Maer is an artist name. My real name is Lisette Berndt, which I kept a secret until now pretty much. I started going by Thoka to liberate […]

Diary of a forgotten democracy

December 21, 2017

I arrived in Togo in 2015, not long after the controversial reelection of its president. When my eyes finally opened, the outside ambient noise was the first thing that hit me as I came out of the airport. Lomé by day is a disorganised orchestra where music, horns, cries and engine noises clash. I lived near Lomé’s market, next to the church. The apartment, which I shared with a local family, was pleasant and gave me an unrestricted view of the Atlantic Ocean. I went there with the aim of creating a documentary on the […]


Boris Frantz is a young talented photographer born in 1987 in Luxembourg. Constantly looking for human relation and evasion, he finds his inspiration in urban culture and music. This Jack-of-all-trades directed Olow’s “Hors Piste” short film accompanying the FW17 collection. Hi Boris! How are you? You must be in the South-West of France right now! You were born in Luxembourg; what made you want to settle down in Biarritz? I’m very well! I am in Biarritz, yes, I just got back from a trip to New York which did me the world of good, so much […]


December 15, 2017

The end of the year is upon us and with it so many different sounds and perfect tunes. To each their own, cosy songs nestled into the nook of the ear, or incandescent compositions passionately burned. From one extreme to the other, they can only exude individual appropriation, fuelled by that egotistic glance onto our portable screen, forever looking for the best possible sound. So for the time being, no need to blurt out the year’s best, since that would be far too subjective. The month of December is bursting with beautiful denouements – although […]


«Les Éditions du Paon» is a new studio which edits made in France stationary. With their experience in typographic printing and graphic design, Elsa and Pascal wanted to combine these know-how to give the notebooks of Éditions du Paon a resolutely modern and contemporary tone. Their world is tinted by pastel colours and gold leaf is rocked by the mechanic sound of the mythical Heidelberg presses… You both studied art; how did you come to be craftsmen? Yes, we both studied graphic design and fine art and have always been curious about and drawn to […]


Charlotte Molas is living & working between Paris and Biarritz. Drifting amidst her exhibitions, collaborations and multiple magazines spreads, she’s now a full-time illustrator. Inspired by the old advertisements of the 50s, Charlotte seduces with these illustrations full of femininity in colors pastels. Your work reminds me of 1930’s and 1940’s advertising, is that simply a coincidence? I do particularly enjoy that graphic era. But I especially love the work of poster designers throughout the years. Like Bernard Villemot (1911-1989), Raymond Savignac (1907-2002), Paul Colin (1892-1985) or Michel Bouvet (1955-). Their impeccable composition, their thought […]


Morgan Phillips is a Los Angeles based adventure and lifestyle photographer. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama; he ventured across the country at nineteen and hasn’t looked back. Morgan combines a hunger for adventure with his passion for photography, blended in order to document and share the beauty of his unique and fluid way of life. Hello Morgan! You have managed to build a successful career in photography; how did you get started? I honestly just fell into photography. It was something I enjoyed, capturing moments here and there. Somehow, it became a career. I […]


Jean-Michel Tixier was born in Limoges, France and now works from his shared studio in the heart of Paris. His illustrations encapsulate the traditional French “ligne claire” style seen in the works of Hergé for example. His characters could have stepped fresh from the pages of Tintin comics, right into the present day. “I mix the old retro ‘Ligne Claire’ style with modern and adult spirit,” Jean-Michel says. Hello Jean-Michel! You are a freelance illustrator and have worked for publications such as M, Le Monde newspaper’s magazine, but you have never had any formal training. […]


October 20, 2017

For the time being, when the bullets still fly by on the blazing notes, those that only awaken to the sound of the craftsman, it is only right to jot down some words. The poetic words of Pierre Lapointe, for example, or those exhumed by Eddy De Pretto on youth or even Zola Jesus on melancholy. As for the others, they are more subdued, but still as beautiful. We’ll continue with heavy hearts, guided by Phoebe Bridgers’ “Smoke Signals” she paints in the distance, ancestrally, as if to show us their magnitude. Their urgency. Words […]


Gwendoline Blosse is an illustrator, a graphic designer, a comic book writer, even a wrestler… A multi-faceted artist, her hand dances to the rhythm of her projects.